Your resume’ is your marketing collateral.

Our strategic Resume’ Writing Process is designed to help you articulate your message with clarity, pride and confidence! We believe value-driven resumes present a compelling case of a student’s benefit to a potential employer.

With your Personal Career Coach, you’ll walk through a three-step process of resume writing and development.

1. Our Resume Writing Process is based on a self-discovery of what YOU think is important. Through our Core Value Assessment, you’ll be able to identify what success means to you so your resume clearly communicates advantages you bring. Having knowledge of your principles will serve as a guide when deciding what paths to take and will help you stay focused on achieving your employment goals and the goals of the company you’re applying to.

2. Next, we’ll examine your knowledge and abilities. You’ll evaluate yourself against a list of skills and be able to easily determine what you’re good at. Knowing your strengths gives powerful words to your resume and helps you to accurately (and confidently) communicate what you have to offer.

3. We’ll apply your achievements. You probably have many successes in your life but sometimes it takes a coach to help you uncover and identify them. Your personal career coach is skilled at helping you recognize important accomplishments.

Together, with your coach, you’ll be able to combine these ingredients to create a powerful resume’.

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