Benefits of Partnering with the Career Coaching Center

The Career Coaching Center team is one who cares deeply about their candidates and our corporate partners’ success. We’ve seen the power of apprenticeships change the lives of young people and strengthen the organizations they work for.

When we combine our extensive experience in recruiting, with our expertise in career coaching, everyone gains an edge that strengthens a successful outcome!

Our Value

We invest in relationships!

We build trust through partnerships with candidates, local schools, public officials and non-profits. We know our community and we’ve spent quite some time working here, volunteering in schools and getting to know our teachers. This gives us insight to the best talent and their compatibility for apprenticeship work.

We build trust through understanding what local businesses need. We take the time to understand the struggles companies face when on-boarding new employees and we customize our coaching to help solve those problems.

Better Candidates through Career Coaching

After spending 9 hours coaching an applicant, we know their strengths, weaknesses and character. This coaching process helps us vet the best candidate for each opportunity.

Retention. It’s frustrating and expensive to accept someone into a work-based learning opportunity only for them to drop out. Through our coaching and recruiting process we minimize this problem because expectations are understood.

Community Outreach

Engaging community talent is an outstanding cause. Supporting local skills, through career development opportunities, is an awesome investment and has tremendous impact! Sponsoring students in Career Path development boosts individual and corporate value. It increases the company’s visibility in the community, improves the ability to recruit the right people and increases employee engagement.

How it works:

Corporations sponsor opportunities for local candidates to attend 9-hours, of career coaching.

The Career Coaching Center team meets with local, CATE instructors, guidance counselors and non-profits to select the best talent for the coaching program. (An application with references is required.)

Candidates meet with their personal Career Coach to discuss topics that cover: Trade Skill Discovery, Work Ethic, Core Value Resume Writing, Interview Preparation, Mastering Communication, Life Tools 101

The best talent is referred to corporate representatives, with resume in hand, prepared for a discussion about on-boarding possibilities.

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