“I believe the students truly enjoyed having Mrs. Wallace come in and inform them about future plans and how to make that transition from high school to college, They really enjoyed the interactions with peers during Interview and Introduction activities. Mrs. Wallace did a great job at grabbing their attention and helping them focus on what’s important to them as individuals.”

Tal Horton
Athletic Director, Indian Land high School

“Going into a high school classroom to present on something ‘non-athletic’ could have proven disastrous. However, I came in and saw students glued to your words. I saw high school students comply with your requests and actively participate. What stood out or what really spoke to me was your emphasis on their values. It forced the students to look at themselves and decide who they want to be and if their choices are consistent with that. It was powerful and it was needed.”

Darryall O. White
Guidance Counselor, Indian Land High School

“It was Bonnie’s reassuring and optimistic attitude that kept me encouraged through my career transition. She offers compassion and hope in a world that often seems hopeless.”

K. Robinson
Career Transition Client

“Bonnie performs her duties above and beyond what is expected and she is willing to do whatever is necessary to complete an assignment well. I can always count on her to perform at the highest standards.”

Beverly Bradstock
President, Associates For Professional Development

“Do yourself a favor and take Bonnie’s career coaching advice. Not only does she know her stuff, she truly cares about helping the world understand all you have to offer. Highest recommendation possible!”

Park Gillespie
Director of Constituent Services, SC 5th Congressional District for Mick Mulvaney

“Your resume writing was 5 stars. The resume you helped me build very clearly expressed the skills and strengths I have acquired as a result of the activities and education listed. This resume helped me gain two CRNA interviews!”

Mika S.
Registered Nurse Applicant for CRNA programs

“The Resume and Interview Coaching I received from the Career Coaching Center was critical in receiving my 2-year apprenticeship opportunity at Schaefler Group USA.”

Christian W.
Apprenticeship Student for Schaeffler Group USA

“This was definitely a 5 star experience. I believe everything Mrs. Wallace taught me was very helpful. It was informative which helped me understand the communication process.”

John G.
High School Senior

“I love love love my resume!”

Allison K.
Senior, Virginia Tech University

“This was a really good experience. I learned a lot of useful information that I can take with me for the rest of my life. I definitely give it 5 stars.”

David L.
High School Senior

“My Career Coaching experience with the Career Coaching Center definitely caused me to have a structure in which I can use to approach career opportunities with professionalism and preparedness.”

William W.
Graphic Design Intern for Carowinds Theme Park

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