Effective communication skills are critical for a successful future!

Unfortunately, in our technological advances, young people must overcome their reputation for a lack of ability in this area.

In this competitive world good communication is the most sought after skill. The inability to exchange information, news or ideas is the biggest complaint of frustrated supervisors.

Employer surveys show communication skills consistently rank at the top of the list of skills…

managers are looking for in new hires and promotable employees. They want their workers to be able to listen, act and then clearly explain those actions in person and online.


In this critical course you and your personal Career Coach will cover the most important elements of communication that include:

Communication 101 – In this segment you will learn effective communication skills in active listening, nonverbal communication and effective interaction. Through quick assessments you will recognize your strengths and where you need to improve in these areas.

Critical Conversations – You will discover how to navigate conversations when emotions are strong and stakes are high. In this segment you’ll learn how to calmly communicate honestly while keeping your perspective, agreeing on expectations and goals, and establishing trust.

Social Media Policies – Every company and school has a social media policy. Do you? We’ll talk about common, overarching company policies and you’ll learn how to brand yourself based on your core values so you can consistently communicate them to others.

Polarizing Topics at Work – Religion, race, and politics are extremely polarizing topics that are gripping our nation. Learn how to reduce defensiveness and disagree in a calm and fair manner while showing value to the person you’re debating with.

Communicate Across Generations – Many companies now have up to four generations of employees in their workforce. This presents communication challenges. Here you’ll gain insight that will help you understand each side’s values and opinions across the generational spectrum.

Write Effective Emails – Emails cause tension, confusion, or other negative consequences for 64 percent of working professionals. Here you’ll be given a formula that give you the results you want when writing emails.


We can help you master communication skills that will help you stand out from other applicants!

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