Prepping for a job interview is often stressful but it doesn’t have to be!

With strategic preparation, and the help of your Personal Career Coach, you can take the weight of uncertainty off your shoulders by planning how you will overcome obstacles, answer the difficult questions and communicate your value.

Our Interview Preparation Process will help you

1. Prepare your 30-second commercial. You’ll be asked to, “Tell me a little about yourself” in one way or another. Although this sounds easy, it takes some work! Your Coach will help you craft a statement that communicates exactly what you want others to know.

2. Overcome Generation Obstacles – There is a possibility that you may have been lumped in with a mass group of young people and their negative reputation. Whether it’s true of you or not, there are negative traits that are especially associated with Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X. Knowing these obstacles, and how to manage them ahead of time, will help you overcome any misunderstandings.

3. Practice with Mock Interviews – Your Coach will give you a list of commonly asked interview questions. Through practice and role-play you’ll be guided and prepared to give confident answers.

4. Interview the Company – Your Coach will give ideas about how to research a company so you’re armed with knowledge. She’ll also discuss good questions to ask your interviewer, ways to end your meeting and follow-up afterward.

5. Discuss Compensation – We’ll help you understand basic negotiating skills, acceptance and knowledge of benefit packages.

6. Overcome Poor SM Posting – There’s a strong chance your interviewer already knows a bit about you through a Google search and your social profiles. Your Career Coach will share how to handle the Social Media questions if they come up.


Let a personal career coach help you put your best foot forward!

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